Where Can I Get Discount Tickets To Dollywood And Local Restaurants, Shopping & Other Entertainment?


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You will be able to get discount tickets to Dollywood and surrounding entertainments, attractions and restaurants from this site: www.smokysavers.com/dollywood.html and the official Dollywood site: www.dollywood.com/special-offers/default.aspx?track=DWMPOFFE

There are other ways to save money when you visit Dollywood as well as discount tickets. The first one is to ride the trolley rather than park your car there. Parking will cost you at least $6, whereas the trolley is $0.50 per person, and it runs every 15 minutes from Patriot Park, where you can park for free, and it will take you right to the entrance of Dollywood.

You won’t be allowed to take snacks or liquids into Dollywood and food there can be expensive (although they do provide free water, either in the restaurants or through water fountains) so make sure you eat before you get there. You won’t be able to get through the whole day without having to buy something to eat, but at least you won’t have to buy as much.

If you visit McDonald’s or Wendy’s in Pigeon Forge, they often have $5 off coupons printed onto their bags for Dollywood or Splash Country, so this could be a solution to eating before you go in, and getting some discount coupons.

If you are thinking of spending more than one day at Dollywood, or you think you will return later in the year, consider buying a Season Pass - it works out cheaper than buying daily tickets and it also has other benefits, like free parking if you don’t fancy the trolley.

Dollywood also do an ‘After 3PM, Next Day Free’ option, so this may be worth taking advantage of if you wish to return.

To make sure that you get the most out of your visit, arrive early and go to the back of the park - this will be less crowded so you won’t have to queue for as long.
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Www.ticketmaster.com gives you all kinds ticket discounts from concerts to restaurants
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So nice to hear that you will be having fun with your family at Dollywood, reading reviews are always recommended before visiting any place,  please have a look at this site to read reviews posted by various people.


As far as the website for getting discount tickets to Dollywood  and local restaurants are concerned here is a site that will be help you a lot.

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Thank you for the response. However, I did not find any discount tickets on this site, only regular-priced ones.
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hi! as a lover of pigeon forge maybe this will help you, if u go after 3 and buy a ticket the next day is free. this is good for both dolly parks and is nice if u have kids that like water rides also while at pigeon forge if u go to the comedy barn they have many good discount packs.and any other discount ticket outlets on the parkway also..but the comedy barn is the best:) have fun...I LOVE TN.
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    I don't know for sure if they have tickets for dollywood or not but I always check with triple a. You could call your local office and ask.
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Thank you, but they don't. Someone had asked this same question on here and said they got several answers. Maybe one of those same people will respond to me.
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update, once there I am sorry i forgot to tell you all hotels n such to stay keeps many coupon booklets in lobby for food and shopping and more! and the TANGER OUTLETMALL sells coupon booklets for their stores:)there are always coupons there once you get there you can also stop at the pigeon forge welcome center for many booklets:) have fun.

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