What Are The Best Eighteen And Over Clubs In Boise Idaho?


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Boise, Idaho has quite a few clubs for 18 and older individuals such as the Balcony Club or Neurolux.
  • The Balcony Club is considered the best place to dance in Boise.

The club is open seven days a week. Despite it being opened as a gay bar it has become popular for everyone because of the good music and dance floor. The club offers smoke free Fridays.
  • Neurolux

This is considered a hip club with a modern atmosphere. They often have live music during the week and it is considered the most mysterious yet diverse bar in Boise. There is a dance floor and dim lighting to make it feel like a "dive" bar.
  • China Blue is a Top 40 dance club.

According to the experts it is the number one club for anyone over 40. It tends to be for people who dress to impress and wish to dance all night. The club is modern with a unique layout including an ice bar and a bar in the women's restroom.
  • Sin is another partially gay bar.

Everyone can come and dance at this location. It has a plush lounge with plenty of dance floor. Sin has theme nights such as Ladies night or Saints and Sinners Karaoke. There is also a VIP section at this club.
  • Humpin' Hannah's

This is the oldest night club with dance floor in Boise. It is still a hit among 18 and over crowds due to the live bands that play original songs and cover songs. Most of the nights the place is packed, especially the dance floor. Karaoke nights are held weekly. There is a second level with pool tables for those who are tired of dancing for the evening.
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There are various clubs in Boise Idaho for 18 and over. I am providing you links that will provide you list of clubs you looking for.

Here are the links:

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