Can I Patch A Pin Hole Size Hole In PVC Pipe With Pressure? If So How?


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If there is not much room to work, some plumbing supply stores offer a sleeve that you can put on the pipe without cutting it. The sleeve works like a patch and is split on one side so it can be slipped on the pipe. It has a rubber gasket on the inside of it and 2 small bolts that clamp it down tight. The water has to be turned off and the area where the hole in cleaned and dried before installing the sleeve. Works great for all size pipes.
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You will have to at the very least cut it at the spot of the hole ,primer both sides of the pipe and put in a coupling (if you have the flex to move the pipe)primer coupling and then put pvc glue on both ends of the pipe, slide coupling on one side or the other, grab other end of pipe and put that into the coupling also, this will have to be done quick before glue sets up.
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Thank you for answering my question. So you say cut and replace the piece of pipe. I could do this, and sounds like it would be the most sure way of making sure the pipe doesn't leak. The only thing I fear is moving the other joints further up the system, these would
be in the ceiling, not a good place to fix if a joint there starts to leak. I don't have a lot of play in the pipe. Ill have to weigh out the difference between patching and replacing the pipe.
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Cut it and put a coupling or get a pipe clamp coupler and put around it and tighten it down job done they are sold at most hardware stores. If it is easy to get to I recommend cutting it out and put a PVC coupling in it glue it and forget it
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If you can't get good access to the pinhole, Wax works great. A sewage ejector pump does not really build much pressure. If you don't want to punch a big hole in your wall to install a repair coupling, or patch, then candle wax works great. Plumbers Goop also works well. Hope that this helps.
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You can try to patch the hole with PVC cement and a chunk of PVC. Find a piece of PVC that will wrap around the affected area, for example a half-pipe of the same diameter as the broken pipe. Use the PVC cement in the usual way to cement the half-pipe to the holed pipe.

Alternatively get yourself a coupler (rubber sleeving with metal clamps) that will clamp to the pipe on either side of the hole.
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Cut a coupling in half clean the pipe with primer also the coupling glue both, then hose clamp coupling half over hole,make sure it's a smooth or tight fit
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the only sure fire way is to cut out that section and replace it!
I was a licensed Plumber Local 123 Tampa, and the most common errors in dealing with PCV are listed below, your short cut MIGHT leak!

Buy CLEANER and Glue at a plumbing supply house, and not that stuff you use from Wal Mart! THEIR IS A DIFFERANCE!
Their is a glaze on PVC that needs to be roughed up, fitting and pipe.
Then use the cleaner and let it dry!
Now use the glue!

And now it want leak!
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