Can You Still Buy Potholder Loops?


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I think I saw those at Hobby Lobby the last time I was there. I am sure a lot of craft stores still sell them. You might look on eBay or go to Google and ask for a site that sells them.
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Your nearest fabric store should carry these. If it is truly the loop you are looking for, the fabric won't matter too much. Check out Michael Levine's, Joann's Fabrics, and/or Michaels. Often times stores like WalMart will carry them in their notions and fabric area.
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For potholders?  You'll need "cotton loops" or wool if you can find them.  The nylon ones don't make good potholders or hot pads.

I've also seen them at Michael's Arts & Crafts and at Joann's.

Here's one of many on-line sources and it has the relatively rare wool loops too:

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