What Games To Play At A House-Warming Party?


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To organize games to play at a house-warming party, it really all depends on the crowd that'll be attending.

If you're organizing a party for a college student, you may want to go for the frat-party vibe and organize a beer pong tournament.

For a more sophisticated party, you might find a board game like Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly a better idea.

Games to play at a house-warming As I mentioned above, this all comes down to personal taste - and since I consider myself a bit of a 'party expert', here are my top 3 party games that I'd recommend you consider for your house-warming party:

1. Poker
There's nothing like a game of poker to liven up a night.

I'm not even very good at it, but I think it's a good card game to play because it's an excuse to dress up and have fun.

Cigar smoke, a dimly-lit room and bar snacks are a pre-requisite.

I'd suggest going the whole 'shebang' by creating a sleazy Chicago gangster theme.

Make sure you mention a dress code of 'gangsters and flappers' in the invite, and have a playlist prepared in advance.

You may even want to buy a few toy Tommy guns for the shoot-out at the end of the night.
2. Beer Pong
It's a simple enough game. You need a table, a few ping-pong balls, and beer.
I usually play a two vs two format, with 8 plastic cups containing alcoholic beverages of different strengths. The object of the game is to bounce the ball along the table and land it into a cup.

If you manage to do this, the opposing team has to drink the contents of the cup.

3. Lube Wrestling
Sticking with the frat-party theme, this is a very fun (albeit rather messy) option.

You may recognize this game from the movie Old School. It is fairly easy to organzie, although I'd recommend laying down some plastic sheets on the floor (especially if your house is carpeted).

You simply fill a paddling pool with liquid lubricant (or any other type of slippery liquid- I've heard gravy suggested!) and then combatants wrestle - to the amusement of all the guests.

This game will definitely have people talking about your party for months to come, but you need to make sure guests bring towels and their swimming costumes!

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