How Can I Find Out How Much My Ashton Drake Dolls Are Worth?


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The best place to go to is the Ashton-Drake Galleries. They are under the Bradford Group and have their own website where you will find a varying collection of dolls, you will also be able to register and receive customer support.  The Bradford Exchange is in the USA, Europe and Australia as well with several affiliated companies that all have websites and customer support. 

If you are looking to get a good value on your doll then it is best to make sure it is in the best condition possible, preferably mint condition. If it is still in the box or ‘never removed from box’ as it is termed or ‘mint in box’ then you can expect a good price, without the box you may as well cut any values by half. Some good books you can buy to get an idea of the value are those that specifically specialise in the Ashton Drake Dolls or cover collectables for instance ‘Doll Values’ by Patsy Moyer.

This method however, will only give you book value; book values are usually for dolls that are in mint condition and while they are a good guideline they will not keep abreast with market value. 

A good place to find a market value would be in the dolls section on Just go to completed auctions and this will give you an understanding of the values that are out there right now. Remember to look at the condition of the dolls that are being sold, check to see what types of dolls that have been sold and the types that have not managed to reach the reserve; you may have a doll that is rarer than the ones online.

If this is the case then an auction house or dolls shop will be a better option for you. Ultimately shop around and do your research, the last thing you want is to undervalue your first edition Jason doll.
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These dolls vary in prices and you will find starting price for such dolls are $150 and these are commonly available in the market so if you want to sell them you can bid on eBay.

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