What's The Easiest Way To Learn A Ollie Cause I Can Never Do One? :(


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For the position put your front foot in the middle of the two bolts or on the front board. Put your back foot on the tail ( back of the board ), leave some space at the front of you foot and the back of the board. To execute the ollie pop the tail as hard as you can. Straight after, jump with your back foot while sliding your front foot to the nose ( front of the board ). You slide your front foot to level out the board. While your in the air tuck your legs lo your chest to get as much air as possible. When you are coming closer to the ground extend your legs so they are straight, this will help with landing. When you hit ground bend your legs to cushion the impact.
Hope this helped!
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Put back foot on tail. Put front foot behind bolts. Kick front up. Slide front foot to nose of board. Land while bending knees.
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Slam your tail to the ground & lift your foot off the tail. Then slide your front foot up to the nuts holding the front trucks on (this is to level out) & then land with both your feet on each of the nuts (so you don't snap the board).

  Good Luck =)
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Jump off anything. Now hop off my left nut
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The best way to do it is to put your front foot just behind the screws and your back foot on the back.
Your weight should be on your toes and your toes should be in the middle of the board. And then you must bend your knees so you can touch the ground.
For more tips, click here:
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The best way to do an ollie is to have your back foot on the middle of the tail and your front foot either in the middle of your board or near the bolts that's where I usually have my foot. But what you want to do is bend your knees and have your weight centered over the board. Then pop the tail with your back foot and as soon as you pop the tail you want to slide your front foot to the nose of your board to level it out. Then bend your knees as you land to get the full impact of the ollie then roll away.
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1st step:
Get your front foot about 1-2 inches behind the bolts and your back foot on the heel
2nd step:
Pop your tail(push your back foot down hard)
3rd step:
Jump!! And slide your foot up
4th step:
Equal out your weight in the air
5th step:
Land on the board

And thats about it
-AL Goon
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Put your right foot on the griptape right before the bolts and left foot on the tail pop with your left and kick to the right with your right foot
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Well I put my front foot on a bit of an angle just next to the bolts and my back foot on the tail and then bend your knees and slam down on tail and jumps then quickly slide leg up thats the way I do it
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I've found some great sites that give step by step tips on how to ollie with instructions and pictures.

You can find them here and here.

Good luck and just remember to not give up. Practice makes perfect!

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