I Have A Lamp With C And A Circle Van Cleef 1949, Where Was It Made?


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My mom says that my grandmother rented a cottage from, and worked at the personal home of a man by the name Major Riddle. Major Riddle owned the Dunes casino. It was a pretty classy casino during it's time. She believes that several of her furnishings at the time came from the casino after decor updates (not certain).  Her lamps never had the shades nor he electrical components she actually put feathers in the post. Not certain if the lamps were exclusive to the casino. It makes sense after doing a google image search of the casnio.

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Absolutely nothing about this one online unfortnately. Van Cleef however looks to be a German name, derived from "van Kleef", which is Dutch and means "from the town of Kleef", which is located south east of the Netherlands (in Germany).

So perhaps it is German made?

Sorry I'm unable to give you a comprehensive answer on this one!
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I also have pair of these lamps.Boys sitting cross legged on pillow, holding lampshade as umbrella. I have tried to find out background too, as they were my Mother's and she treasured them. Let me know if you find anything, please.
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I have some that sound similar to what you're talking about, and while I don't know about the Van Cleef logo, if you search for "blackamoor lamps" on the web you should find some similar to what you're talking about.
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Mine say Van Cleff 1950. A Pair of large harlequen lamps with asian style peaked shades

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