I Have A Chilly Beanie Baby An Original With The Tush Tag How Much Is It Worth? The Tag Says It Was Introduced In June Of 1994 And Retired In January Of 1996 Making Him One Of The Most Sought After.


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I have the same beanie baby with tush and hang tags. I asked this question too, One person said its worth $1 us and another said it may be of value (Huh great answers hey!) I did some more digging on the net and found a site giving a rough value of $132 US link ( collectibles.about.com ) there is one currently for sale on ebay with a buy it now price of £400 UK though its been on before and never sold. So I suggest you keep your eye on ebay and see what one actually sells for as I am doing. Good luck and maybe we each have a valuable beanie baby (Fingers crossed)
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I believe that the one's with the tag that says the bear is retired are reproductions and not collectors items. I would guess that it's worth 8-10 dollars.

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