Can You Go Swimming With A Ear Infection?


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It is highly unadvisable to go swimming with an ear infection because it can seriously aggravate your problem or potentially pass on to somebody else. It could be anything from two weeks to two months before you can go swimming but you should really consult with your doctor to get the correct medical advice.

If you are determined to swim, you could wear silicon ear plugs with a swim band under a strap swim cap and this can keep water out but only if you have it on correctly. It probably isn't worth the risk of getting some water in your ear and you should wait until you get the all clear signal from your doctor.

For a natural remedy, you could try taking 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1/8 of a teaspoon of powdered garlic mixed together and heated until the garlic is completely dissolved. You need to allow this mixture to cool completely before putting it in an ear dropper and allowing it to fully drip into your ear. The effectiveness of this may vary depending on the type of infection you have but it is also worth including 2000mg of vitamin C in your diet and avoiding dairy products, sugars and alcohols until the infection clears.
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Well I would not recommend you to go for the swimming with the ear infection so you should not go because it can make your ear infection even worse, so you should be very careful in protecting it from water.
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As long as the eardrum is not perforated (draining fluid) then it is fine to go swimming, it could however cause pain for deep diving.
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DON'T DO IT! My friend has an ear infection and she's been using ear plugs but it's still got worse and she is now never allowed to swim again!

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