How Do You Make A Capri Sun Wallet?


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I am really not sure how to make a wallet but you can read what I am going to write and see if that helps!

How to Make a Capri Sun Bag:
2. Remove there straws and flatten
3. Lay out the amount of capri suns you want to use for the base of the bag
4. Sew them together by there edges
5. Now sew another sheet like the base separately the size you want it
6 make 3 either just like it or however you want them
7 measure all of them and lay them out and measure for the fabric coming up later
8 sew it together to the base
Now the rest is optional but recommended
9. Buy a fabric that is the right size for the measurements
10 put it in and try it on for size
11 if it fits squish it down and find the edges of the base
12 now put fabric glue around the sides
13 place it in and squish it down AND LEAVE A LITTLE OVER THE SIDES!!!
14 wait for it to dry
15 fold the little over the sides andsew the extra down
16 this is optional but you can add handles with fabric or what ever
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