Where Can I Get A Manual For The Sears Kenmore 15516 Mechanical Sewing Machine?


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Iris Phillips answered
It appears that this sewing machine has been discontinued, which may make it a little harder to get a manual from a supplier. There are, however, many other avenues down which one can travel in the search for this manual. First of all, there is the local library. It's a long-shot, but they do car manuals (well some do) so it is worth giving that one a shot. Then, of course, there might be a sewing supplies store somewhere nearby who still has a copy or two hanging about the place.

  • Bookshops Maybe?
Thrift and second hand bookshops, or indeed any bookshop, especially those with reasonably good arts and crafts sections are another possibility. Local newspaper ads or business directories may well lead to a local sewing machine repair company who may have a manual. If not, they can at least help out by explaining what is located where. If all else fails, they may be able to suggest somewhere a manual can be found.

  • Search Engine Results
Then, of course, there is the trusty search engine on the PC. This may take a while. So far, every search result looked at has drawn a blank. It has been possible to locate just about every Kenmore manual on the planet, except the one for the Kenmore 15516. It is beginning to look like they have been beamed into outer space. So, all that can really be suggested is to keep on looking. Time to sit down and start searching. There has got to be a manual out there, somewhere. All it will take is a whole lot of patience. A small suggestion: Typing in the name and number of the machine comes up with lots of results, but no answers. Best to start by looking for repair companies.

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