How Did Surfing Begin?


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The exact origin of surfing is unknown, but by 400 A.D., people were surfing in Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands are often credited as the birthplace of surfing, although the sport was likely enjoyed in other parts of the world, which were less accessible to explorers. Nevertheless, the lineage of surfing can be traced from the coasts of Hawaii to the worldwide phenomenon that it is today. The British Explorer, Captain James Cook, noted seeing Hawaiian surfers in the 1770s. In 1821, German and Scottish missionaries arrived on the islands. They discouraged the sport, which resulted in it virtually dying out. However, at the start of the 20th century, surfing experienced a great revival, which may have been partly in protest to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom ~ a surprising political association with the sport. In the early 1900s surfing spread to California, Australia and Britain. The Olympic medalist, Duke Kahanamoku, known as the 'Ambassador of Aloha' is recognized for introducing modern surfing to the world. He even taught Edward Prince of Wales to surf in the 1920s. The American surfing movies of the 1960s showcased the sport as mainstream and, more importantly, 'cool'. More than 1600 years old, surfing is still wildly popular today.

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It is presumed that surfing was invented by people living in the Pacific islands who are known as Polynesians; according to recent archeological evidence surfing like activities were also enjoyed by people living on the South American coast especially in Peru where the Inca civilization came up.

However it is widely assumed that surfing as a form of entertainment developed in the Pacific islands like Hawaii and Tahiti; there are records of the famous British explorer Captain James Cook sighting the natives in the Polynesian islands floating on the water riding wooden boards in 1778.

Surfing spread to Australia and New Zealand in the chiefly due to Duke Kahanamoku the famous Olympic swimming champion from Hawaii who is credited with popularizing surfing in Australia and the United States. Surfing became popular as a form of entertainment that could be enjoyed by all after the invention of a light weight fiber glass surfboard in the 1950s that was easy to maneuver.

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It didnt start in Hawaii it started in Polynesia (near Hawaii ).
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If I'm not mistaken, in 1967 some man created a prototype of a sailboard. The whole world became interested in these at one time and more and more often you could see people with boards on the beaches. It's a very exciting and even extreme sport. Engaging in it you will feel a burst of energy every time, because this sport is very much invigorating for you. You can look at windsurfing boards at and maybe choose one that you like and on which you will practice. I hope I have helped you with my answer!

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