What Is The Value Of Democracy In The Present World Scenario?


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Democracy has become even more important in the present scenario.Democracy is said to be the rule of majority and majority should have the authority otherwise there would be serious consequences. When the basic rights of people are denied then they become livid and don't give respect to the rights of others. That's why violence is on rise. In democracy people decide who will govern and who will rule. If the democracy is established in its true form and the institutions are strengthened so that every one is accountable for what he had done, the world will be a better place for living.

In democracy access to justice is equal for every one and no one can snub the rights of others. Rule of law is insured and hence people respect each other's rights.In today's world terrorism and extremism are on rise. Suicide attacks have threatened everyone and the basic reason is injustice. When innocent people are denied of their rights they do not remain innocent any more. When people are not given respect then they don't care for the respect of others. This is the point where democracy becomes important as it protects the rights of the people.
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Clearly defined and totally agreed on...

However, did you ever notice that not one is the word 'democracy' used in the US Constitution? No where in the Founding Father's writings was that term used.

Democracy, as defined in the answer by Mr. Ragga is actually a form of representative government, the stated goal of those men. In my view, the goal idea of 'democracy' as proposed by the present US government is more closely defined as Noe-colonialism. Even in the US, democracy as practiced in the last 50 years or so is not exactly what Mr. Ragga has described.

Although a citizen of the US, as you might expect, I am not a fan of the present government and in 2008 I will vote ... not I'm afraid so much as for someone but more so as against the status quo.
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hi, very good answer and i agree with u. Practice always becomes different with the thoery, theory always remain the ideal world,
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Democracy... Is present only for its name its real objective had already been lost... As it aims to secure the rights of minorities but are we people using this constitutional boon in the way of progress? Absolutely not... Rather we are misusing it. Why??? It is so because when one is blessed with powers he forgets his duties , responsibilities. It can be proved by very good example of "use of natural resources" by human beings.As its misuse is leading the world to the path of destruction, the misuse of this constitutional power will also do the same...BEWARE!!!

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