Can You Get A Blood Clot By Getting Hit In The Leg With A Baseball?


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Yes, it is possible to develop a blood clot by getting hit in the leg with a baseball.
Blood clots generally do not occur when you have been hit in the leg with an object; however, it is not unheard of. It is not necessarily the object that has hit you, but more what your own body is known to do.
Blood clots are blood that flows into the blood vessels, but does not leave. Instead it forms a heavy concentration of blood that is eventually unable to pass between the capillaries or arteries. Since blood needs to be in constant motion in order to bring oxygen to the organs, it can be problematic to have a blood clot.
Blood clots are generally found in the heart due to high cholesterol and heart disease issues; however, blood clots can form in any area where blood reaches in the body due to a smaller than average capillary, artery or other reason. Medications like birth control are known to cause blood clots in the legs.
If your body is prone to blood clots, either because of medication or some other reason like a disorder or high cholesterol, there is a potential of getting a blood clot when your vessels burst, getting hit with a baseball could cause this to happen.
You bruise because the tiny capillaries in your skin burst, allowing the blood to pool. If during this pooling process your blood has issues like high cholesterol, it can form a clot instead of eventually healing and going away.

It is fairly rare for a baseball to cause a blood clot, but medically it is possible under the right circumstances. Anyone who suspects a blood clot should see a doctor immediately to have it removed before it dislodges and causes heart issues.

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